IEEE International Conference on Communications
20-24 May 2018 // Kansas City, MO, USA
Communications for Connecting Humanity

5th International Workshop on 5G Architecture (5GArch)

5th International Workshop on 5G Architecture (5GArch)

The prevalent cellular mobile communications technologies have been designed for voice service and Internet access. Currently, vertical industries are creating a new, third group of applications: Billions of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have to be connected, robots will be controlled remotely, autonomously driving vehicles will communicate with each other and with their environment, and many more applications of this kind are expected to emerge in the near future. The requirements of such applications on the communications infrastructure are highly heterogeneous in terms of data rates, latency, and reliability. The future 5G networks have to be much more flexible to meet these heterogeneous requirements than all their predecessors. At the same time, mobile data traffic is growing rapidly so network densification will be unavoidable to carry this enormous traffic volume, creating further challenges to future 5G networks in terms of energy-efficiency and cost-efficiency.

Novel radio technologies and additional radio spectrum will be beneficial, but not sufficient to meet these demands on flexibility, energy-efficiency and cost-efficiency. Instead, cloud technologies like Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) have to be integrated in a novel end-to-end architecture concept. The new End-to-End Architecture will have to be programmable, software driven and managed holistically to enable a diverse range of services in a profitable way. This requires novel ways of designing the mobile architecture (radio access, core and transport network), operating the network, and offering interfaces.

Addressing this increasing need for a flexible architecture that adapts to the needs of 5G networks, this workshop comes as the continuation of a successful 5GArch workshop series on 5G architecture.

This workshop is organized by the EU-funded project 5G-MoNArch under the 5GPPP initiative.



  • Paper Submission Deadline: January 3 January 10 January 15, 2018   [FINAL DEADLINE]
  • Acceptance Notification: February 21, 2018
  • Final Paper submission: March 5, 2018