IEEE International Conference on Communications
20-24 May 2018 // Kansas City, MO, USA
Communications for Connecting Humanity

3rd Workshop on Convergent Internet of Things (C-IoT)

3rd Workshop on Convergent Internet of Things (C-IoT)

3rd Workshop on Convergent Internet of Things (C-IoT)


Towards a Virtualized Backbone for IoT Interactions

In its 3rd iteration, this workshop will build on its success to address challenges in realizing a scalable and inherently heterogeneous IoT, and solicit novel solutions to functional elasticity and spatial scalability. Today, most industrial contenders (IBM, CISCO, Jasper, HP, Google, EVRYTHNG, etc.) are advocating for their versions of IoT (e.g., Smarter Planet, IoEverything, Brillo, etc.), while mainstream research efforts address singular views of scalable sensing, massive RFID-based identification, and other topological remedies to handle the ensuing Big Data communication and sense-making processes.

We advocate for empowering IoT architectures that adopt rapid resource management in a quad-fold approach: 1) inter-networking between heterogeneous components over dynamic access schemes (ZigBee, ANT+, BLE, WiFi, etc), 2) Rapid resource discovery, identification, profiling and promotion in real-time, 3) Establishing formal descriptors for IoT services to enable rapid matching with heterogeneous IoT resources, regardless of underlying proprietary infrastructures, and 4) Developing elastic pricing models to solicit crowd-contribution and offset IoT deployment costs, by leveraging resource facilitation.


Top papers accepted in the workshop will be invited for submission in Wiley's Internet Technology Letters.

The C-IoT workshop program has been finalized! Check it out here.

C-IoT will host a keynote to be given by the distinguished Professor Azzedine Boukerche, titled "Autonomous/Connected Vehicles and Its Implications for IoT based Smart/Connected Cities". Prof. Boukerche is Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in wireless networking and mobile computing at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Join our panel on Thursday 24/5/2018 @ 11 AM for a discussion of the latest on IoT convergence. The panel is titled: "Convergence of IoT: Standardization vs. Symbiosis", and it will feature a group of specialists to provide insights on the subject: Professor Marcin Paprzycki from IBS PAN & WSM, Poland; Dr. Alfredo Grieco from the Politecnico di Bari, Italy; Dr. Maria Ganzha from the Polish Academy of Sciences & Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; and Dr. Abd-Elhamid Taha from AlFaisal University, Saudi Arabia.