IEEE International Conference on Communications
20-24 May 2018 // Kansas City, MO, USA
Communications for Connecting Humanity

Student Travel Grants

ComSoc Student Travel Grants

IEEE ICC 2018 conference offers a number of ComSoc travel grants to the students who registered and co-authored an accepted paper in IEEE ICC 2018, on competition basis. The travel grants encourage participation by students who would normally find it difficult to attend. Women and minorities will be especially encouraged to apply. These student travel supports will enable sharing scientific information and stimulating research interests for students in the field of communications and networking.

Applicant Eligibility

Conditions for receiving an award are as follows:

  • The student applicant must be a student member of the IEEE Communications Society at the time he/she applies for the grant;
  • The student applicant must be a co-author of an accepted paper in IEEE ICC 2018 and present it at the conference;
  • The student applicant must be full-time student registered toward a Bachelor, Masters, or PhD degree in computer science, engineering or related field in a college or university when submitting the applications;
  • During the expense reimbursement stage, the student applicant must show the proof of having registered to attend the IEEE ICC 2018 conference; and
  • The student may not receive more than one STG in any 12-month period

More details will be provided to the students who are selected to receive the student travel grant award.

Each award ranges from $500 to $1,000 subject to the travel reimbursement. A student who is awarded a student travel grant must attend the conference in person. The student must register, attend and present the paper (if the student is a co-author) at the conference. Payment will only be made to the student as long as the award recipient submits the expense report (with receipts) within 45 days after the conference. More details will be provided to the students who are selected to receive the STG award.

IEEE is committed to the principle that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, services, and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by IEEE policy and/or applicable laws. For more information on the IEEE policy visit

How to apply

The application should be submitted electronically via EDAS at if you're a symposium paper author, or at if you're a workshop paper author.

If you aren’t currently a ComSoc student member, you may still join and apply for a student travel grant. Please go to

In EDAS, your profile must also be configured to indicate that you’re a ComSoc member. In EDAS, go to My Profile -> Memberships , then use the + button to add ComSoc membership along with entering your membership number.

Note that after the STG deadline, your ComSoc student membership will be cross-checked with the ComSoc master membership database for validity.

The application must include the following:

  • A support letter from the student's advisor (the advisor can directly submit the reference letter on EDAS).
  • The applicant’s up-to-date resume including citizenship (required), ethnicity and gender (optional, used to broaden the participation of under-represented students).
  • A half-to-one page letter from the student to state the purpose of attending the conference.

The student's advisor letter should include:

  • Confirmation that the student is enrolled with good standing;
  • Expected date of graduation;
  • List of the conferences/workshops previously attended by the student;
  • The suitability of the ICC program to the student's research area;
  • The strengths and potential contributions of the student;
  • Availability of funds from other sources.

The letter from the student should include:

  • Name, title of the accepted paper, EDAS Paper ID, ICC18 registration code and IEEE ComSoc membership number
  • A brief summary of research interests and accomplishments to date;
  • The date of enrollment at the PhD/Master/Bachelor program and the expected date for graduation;
  • The list of conferences previously attended by the student;
  • A description of areas in ICC 2018 program that would impact the student's research;
  • A motivation of the student to attend the conference and how the conference would change his/her research including outcomes and experience expected from the conference attendance.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to make their travel plans without depending on notification from the committee to ensure the lowest cost.

Important dates

  • Application deadline: March 4, 2018
  • Acceptance notification: March 21, 2018

Additional Information: Please address any questions to the Student Travel Grant Chairs, Baek-Young Choi ( and Periklis Chatzimisios ( with mandatory title: “IEEE ICC 2018 STG Question: Your Last Name”.

Acknowledgments: Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) is supporting IEEE ICC 2018 through two student travel grants.